Sunday, July 19, 2009

life is complicated

it seems years since i last write a new post in my blog....anyway, it doesn't matter how long i leave this blog un-update.
i feel very depressed lately~ no idea why....huhuhuhu

i just feel like i wanna go back home!! missing my ro0m...hahahahhaahaa
everyone is so eager about their pointer weeks before n i have n0 interest at all~ i wonder why....I'm relieved just to know that i pass my 2nd sem

no big fuss here~~no need for 4 flat pointer, right?

fuh...when i had the feeling that i have to o to class (again) tomorr0w morning, it makes me hyperventilating!!! i am suffocate...God, have mercy on me


thanks to nasrun....aku kempunan mau teng0k transformer 2 n blood!!!
if i fall d0wn the stars, that is your fault, dummy!!!!

uwaaaaaa......mau tgk blood!!! mau tgk transfomer 2!!!
nasrun, u baka!!!

well then, oyasuminasai~~