Wednesday, June 27, 2012

update sedunia

musim2 euro ne, mmg la kena curi masa p tgk bola. tgk bola sorg2 kan best! tp skrg sda ada teman. agak bising la jugak. tp, mcm mna pun, kena jugak tgk bola bersma. makumlah...bilik tv public. yay!! td tgk game spain vs portugal. 120 mins main akhirnya spain mng penalti. mmg klu spain, penalti mesti luck!world cup rituh pun mng sbab penalty. eisy! nasib la tew~~

ehem!!lps tu apa lg mau update ah?
mood: foul!
status: menyampah gilak!
p/s: ble ka klu aku ckp kau buat layan jak.nda payah la balas...gerigitan tau!

ne nda, tiap kali aku ckp apa2 mesti mau balas. baru bgs tu jwpn ilmiah, ne nda. jawapan bangang jugak. napa aku nda bengang! dah tu, best lg buat muka stone n buat nda layan!

well, morning people! mood hari ne foul bkn sebab game td pg ah. aku bkn sapoter spain or portugal. aku loyal supporter lahm n his team ;) #even aku suka jugaklah silva n casillas tew~

ok.lec's here. study luck~ until then.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


do i seem easy? or super carefree? eisy. i dunno. one thing for sure, i'm being ridiculed right now. and i hate it so much i wanna choked them to death. brrrrrr!!!!

they know i'm an evil.i acted like a bitch. but they seem didnt care. they kept harassing my feeling. argh!!! i'm so mad! i hope there's rain come to wash away my madness n sorrowness.

is being single in 23 pathetic? u think so? NO!!! i never feel i'm pathetic. seriously. but why they keep bringing up the subject that i'm single at my age. they also single, it just they are a few months younger thatn me. i hate being the hot issue for being single at my age. what?? i'm happy, bastards n bitches. i'm good.

for me, the people who cried for someone other than their husband is more pathetic. when u are just in relationship, u couldn't tell when that relationship will end. so, how can u be proud of it n ridiculed me? damn it!! maybe u are proud cuz u hv somebody while i'm not. well, congratulation for that. but honestly, i don't need assholes. me being single is my pride!

even if i hv nothing, i still hv my pride. when they kept making fun of me for being single, its really hurting my pride. i'm not good in study. i'm no miss world. i hv weight issue. i hv inferior complex. i'm imperfect. but that doesnt give u the right to make fun of me. i'm a very pride woman, okay. dont ever played with my pride cuz maybe i'm gonna slap u for real.

its not like i feel burdened by they talks, its just that i hate that sort of talk. doesnt suit me at all. i feel like dying when they keep saying that no one's gonna marry me. thats my pride they stomped at. n i'm really hurt. i have a very sensitive heart. what is your problem even if i'm not married? do i ask you to find me a man? never!!do i ever asked u to be my man? never!! so just drop it and leave me alone.

maybe u take it as a joke. thats why i just smile when u said that.but, deep inside, my pride hurting. i told them, not to mention bout my status anymore, but it seems like the hottest issue and they kept bringing that up every single day. i feel like digging a hole n hide there till they finish talking. its not funny, guys. i swear!

because of my pride, i never tell anybody that i love them.when u ever hear i said i love u, that means u're precious enough.  when i have crush for somebody, i will just forget it. cuz my pride didn't allow me to make the first step. in my whole life, my pride is my everything. when i had nothing else, at least i have my pride to live on.

i even hate itwhen they made fun of my body. its called insulting. i know my body isnt in the best shape, but i think i got better body than u guys. so what make u think u can ridiculed my body? yes. i have weight issue. i'm 45kg and i have to work hard to maintain my weight.but my BMI is normal. i didnt obese. i have excessive fat but i'm working harder to burn them all. hahaha. even i know its impossible ;)

i'm with u guys now just because i know u didnt meant any harm when u hurt my pride. u were joking n u thought it ws fun. i understand that. BUT everything has its limit. so, i beg u to stop making fun of my status n body before i lose my temper. as u al know, i have very bad temper. i'm an airhead. so, be careful. when i said i hate it, i really meant it.

*big congratulation to germany for the glorious win 4-2 over Greece. and to my man, philipp lahm, congratulation for the opening goal. as expected, u're the man!!i wanna watch casillas this morning.

morning sunday ;)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

great vacay ;)

kalau ada urang tanya, kau sda p mabul? boleh sda tunjuk muka temberang n said 'sudah. sda tdr, pusing2 tu pulau n sda snokel lg'. l0l~~ trus klu dia tya lagi, sipadan sda? na...kumpau2 la senyum2 tayang gigi dlu. sudah bha. kau ne~~

hahahaha. opening yg super mengada. huahuahuahua~~ point nya mau kestaw satu dunia yg aku sda pijak tu sipadan. n sda tgk under waternya yg superb. sumpah best! cuma yg nda bestnya, tym pegi ne ombak kuat. first snokel tu mmg pagi2 la. nda sempat brekpes dlu, trus p snokel. so plus2 ngan ombak yg superb jugak, mmg pening. 

ok. klu bebel pnjg2 pun nda best kan. tujuan utama entri ne semata2 mau tayang gmbr. well, here's some beautiful pics from mabul n sipadan. i'm enjyoing my time ;)

credit to: uncle chang's sipadan mabul dive lodge n sing sing for d vacation. oso kuruk *heart*
p/s: great vacay. banyak kenal guide yg best n baik hati.klu ada can, kompom mau pg lagi ;)

nite world.