Sunday, April 22, 2012

update-ing's sunday. and it's boring. haha! no more movies to watch, no more things to do (like u don't have assignment to do!blah!)

so, i turn on my iTunes DJ,n answer some stupido Qs with brilliant background songs~~

my life now: dull (my beautiful women-BSB)
my work status: hectic. (incomplete-BSB)
my current financial status: dangerous! (take a chance on me-JLS)
my always obsession: weight (when u're looking like that- westlife)
my current obsession: skincare-ing (gossip girl-rainbow)
my current hobby: buying skincare products (hello-martin solveig ft dragonette)
things i wanna own now: various skincare products =) (사랑은 아야야 2NE1)
my latest concern: ma abs! (i'll be back-2PM)
my worries lately: ma skin condition (smile again-ryewook)

currently in hate mood for IZYAN (#np: hate you-2NE1) cuz she's showing off her yummy sushi~

ha. enaff mambling n babling n tambling. haha! now, what else? everybody scream together *SUSHi!!!!!!!!!!! i'm craving for sushi. seriously. anyone wanna ask me for some sushi? hehe~~

currently reading this book. erm...a family-based story. how a sister sacrife so much for her sick sis. interesting but bored me sometimes. haha!

my busy day? turn out to be like this
dizzy? hahaha. my head too~~ my life is 'mereng' oredi!!

my current skincare products? hehehehe. now, i'm obsessed with these things. OMG!!
there's more coming!! i'm saving more money for another~

i need more. this just the opening phase. more..more..more...

huh. everything seems to be upside-down. just like my whole life right now. messy!! now, i'm working on switching everything to cosway products. well, cosway products are affordable n high in quality. trust me~ now, i'm lookin for better hair products.i'm having serious hair fall problem. uhuh!

well, that's it for tonite. need to go to airport later. wow!it's been sometimes since i last ride a plane. haha. it's not like i'm riding one tonite. just sending my bro off~~


Friday, April 20, 2012

am here

oke. i n0e it's practically....scratch that. i n0e it's already saturday morning. so hello saturday!! i'll have my worst weekend. blah!!

adakah logik buat amali hari ahad? well, ayam bapak aku pun cuti owh hari ahad. wutthuffffkk?? l0l. cursing will not make the amali cancel, right? but, APA!! aku-peduli-apa!! hahahaha. my manner? a lady-like manner? yark! i dun have any. simply said, maybe i'm not a lady.

oke. this maybe my first post after my prektikum officially end....wait!!! did i mention that our prektikum end like a week oredi? yeahooo to me! i enjoy teaching but something in that school make me wanna disappear fasta! not the kids. they're adorable. naughty but adorable. yark!!!

did i just say that?? did i just say that kids are adorable?? *throwing-up* SCRATCH ALL THAT. well, the kids do annoyed me, but not as much as the adult. hehehe. since the kids like me, i like them in return. fair-n-square. win-win. haha!!

i think it's been months since i last watch movie. excuse the supernatural n vamp diaries. i didn't really have pleasure in doing that in the hectic of workload n headache. so, now's my big time, brah!! i finish watching 2 shah rukh khan movies two days in a row. n there'll be another shah rukh khan day tomorroe. we talking adorable n hawt!! weird? nah...just my taste~

anyway, anyhewwww... there's still workload. ISLs, fk-ing FILEs, damn ASSaimen...bla..bla..bla...but i no care! live life to the fullest, girl. this lady no tramp! way to go. nite world. nite shah rukh~ please hop-in in ma dreams! haha!!