Thursday, November 17, 2011

feeling great

wa.....chua...chua...chua...nomunomu chua!!!
i feel really good. even i still have three exam papers to sit, but still i feel great.

my fourth semester ended already. my hardest time studying already passed. my worst-staying-up-nightmare to do revision for this past two weeks has ended. my killer exam papers already done and now i'm relaxing in my room. i think i'll start packing tomorrow. today, i just want ti relax... ENJOY THE RAIN~~

semester break started tomorrow. doesn't that sound perfect?? ah...finally, after struggling through this semester, it ends occasionally. so many things happen this semester. some of them are good, some are the bad memories. whatever it is that happen, it makes me mature. *wow!! i start to become a wise woman^^

empty-ing the room is the hard part right now. owh...i have so many stuffs all over my room. how to arrange them in my tiny two lockers?? *headache. long as i don't have to stay up all night studying n reading notes, then that's okay~~

it's almost the end of the year. can't wait to go back home. even the exam ended, i have my private MUET paper. in my class, i'm a single candidate. so, wish me love everybody. AND PLEASE WAKE ME UP ON SATURDAY MORNING. i'm afraid i'll oversleep n miss my exam. GOD forbid!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

exam week

it's started right after hari raya haji. so, back from holiday, i suppose to prepare for my exam already. my first paper on thursday a.k.a tomorrow. l0~ *still having time wandering in here?? subarashi!!

time is running out and i haven't finisg studying yet but the mood just isn't right.

i open my book, i try to consentrate but i can't...
i can't keep my eyes open, i can't keep my mind still...
i try to write my notes, t try to read aloud
but i still fail~~ *ikut tune untitle^^

can you imagine how disaster my situation right now?? i mean i have my paper first thing tomorrow morning but still, here i am. typing and everything when i haven't even finish doing my last minute revision. garrrrrrrrrrgarrrrrrrrrgarrrrrrrrr

i'm so frustrated!! how to make me study?? l0l~~ i need encouragement. gimme some~ if someone study in front of me, i'll be studying too. at least i'm not doing unnecessary stuffs like what i did tonight.
*lee senuggi ne album, toninght. coming up for downloading^^

well,it's been a long time, i thought i'm not their fan anymore. but, afterall.. i'm still a CASSIE~not triple s, not VIP, not ELF...i'm a CASSIE even after all this while.

now, there's no more drama on line. i watched every drama in my store. so need to find new drama for my freaking almost 2 months holiday^^ currently watching we got married. i like khuntoria couple~~they're just sweet^^

whatever it is...need to leave. my TDP book is shrieking to get my attention. 00 wish me love^^