Sunday, February 26, 2012

brand new 2012

well, i've been using my nokia 2610 for quite sometines now. it's almost 6 years,people! and i'm so proud of him~~ n i love him too much to change to a brand new phone. but latey, samsung galaxy s2 really captured my heart. well, i've been eyeing that model since i watch lie to me.that phone is super gojes!! i really love it.

but, under my current money condition, i know i cant have it. l0l~~ sos!! i want galaxy s2. on feb, 25, i make my history. i bought galaxy gio-since i didn't have enaf money for s2, i can only buy gio. it's still an android. whatever. so, my nokia still function properly but i dun wanna give it to another person. i want to keep it as long as i can~

*part pntg: penjual nfon yg cute tu bg cube sbg free gift sdgkan mmg tda free gift patutnya. hehehehe. knp nda bg fon num? haha! kidding~~ yela,,,dia cute sbab dress ala2 kpop gitu. skali tgk mcm takizawa hideaki pun ada.hahahahaha *l0l!nya imaginasi~~

another brand new thing. i bought aspire one. well, i didn't really check that pc while i was buying so i feel a little dissatisfaction. i wanna sell it bac. anyone interested? come n get it people~~

enaff bluffing. so, now. juz return from kk last friday. kk (again) means shopping (again) n finishing money (again). but i am so hepi that i get the chance to eat sushi~~yatta!!!

anything else? i dun feel like going to class tomorrow. God bless me.
murahkanlah rezeki ku. jauhkan aku dr sifat tamak n boros.berkati rezekiku. Amin.

sleepy.tomorrrow is monday,monday means class. nighty people.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

bitches. headache

i've been busy lately. with what? that's what i'm no sure of. after spendig all my money into i-dunno-what-things, here i am. same as always. life's suck!

well, i've been having this terrible headache since 2012 started. it just get worst n worst. sometimes, the world around me is spinning~ l0l! i hate being not in my best condition. i hate when i had to sleep when i can have fun. i hatre when i had to act tougher when i'm holding back my pain.

u see, sicknesses n pains doesn't really suit me. so i think i better go to the clinic before my flight to kk. it's not for vacation although i had to kill two birds with one stone. kk means shopping n more shopping, people.

this shopaholic disease, i think i get it when i was a good friend with a chronic shopaholic. so even now, the disease won't go. it's not so bad but i hate it eventually.

my headache is killing me n my day. so, till then. oh, did i tell u that my younger sis is married like week ago? hm...whatever. it's not like the world will end before i get married myself. believe in God. He knows better what the best for me.