Friday, August 12, 2011

masalah bgn sahur

aku pun nda paham. kenapa ramadhan tahun ne, aku susah benar mau bgn sahur!! nda sedar langsung. padahal sda jugak set alarm. eisy!! skrg sda 13 ramadhan, tp setakat ne aku baru 2 kali bgn sahur.
plg best, bila mlm tu sda beli mknan utk sahur. ekaited la ne konon. last2 terbgn tym azan subuh! hampeh!! sadis!! sandi!!
aku pun nda paham. thn2 sebelum ne, sng jak pun. set jak alarm, kompom bgn. ne kali, bunyi alarm pun langsung nda dgr. aiseh!! masalah besar ne!

oke. tu satu masalah. masalah kedua pulak. now, i suppose to write an essay. tp skrg aku tgh blogging pulak. heisy!! susah jugak!! mcm mna mau jd rajin ne?? essay tu kena hantar isnin ne wey! mati la aku~~~

i'm not that excited this year. maybe i'm about to experience something bad. GOD forbid!! i hope my life will become normal ^^
i hope i won't have any dream bout him anymore. i already forget the past. i let that feeling go long time ago. so, just let me live happily without his shadow. please, GOD!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

stressful moment

aku nda tau la mcm mna mau cakap. can't express tru words. argh!!! aku nda suka her attitude. pretending n smiling wif someone but talk bad bout that person behnd her back. i can't stand such woman!! for me, be honest! u hate her, just hate her. u like her, just like her. don't be afraid. be honest to urself. dun just bcoz people hate her, u shud hate her to0. be reasonable la sikit.

lagi bikin pening. it's not my job dammit!! i've done my job so why they're here? what they want?? making me annoyed to death! i hate this situation. i love work alone. i love work as i pleased. i'm juz that type of person. gimme my part n i'll do it alone. i have confidence that i can finish it well. so, why bother??u juz keep ur nose busy bout your own smell, okay?

lemme make it clear. before i started to hate u, u better leave me alone. i have no intention of being BFF wif u. i hate people who talk bad behind others. since i'm afraid, u'll talk bad behind me when u're smiling in front of me. so scary!!

paranoid?? i am! i hate taking chances. for me, there's no second chance in life even we always hope for one. there's no n there will be no second chance. juz hate me sincerely. i won't hate u for hating me.

learn to forgive?nope. i still wait for they apology.but they seems have no intention of apologizing to me at all. pride? ego? the hell wif that. if u want something precious, u have to sacrifice even your pride n ego. am i not precious enaff?? *ouch!!that hurts~

it's been a busy week. i need to do five esaimens this month. GOD, spare me please~ my head start to gimme a hard time. today, i'm playing's been a long time since i last playing truant.owh...i miss that time~

bruse n storm mcm nda sehat. cuaca tawau yg terlalu panas ka atau aku yg nda pandai jaga mereka? do i need to cut the flowers?? so other flowers can bloom as well? ah....bulla...
right now i'm very sleepy but i need to finish my presentation. well, i have enaff oredi. done wif the bubbling n mumbling. gotta need some rest.

selamat menanti sungkai, everibadi~