Sunday, April 22, 2012

update-ing's sunday. and it's boring. haha! no more movies to watch, no more things to do (like u don't have assignment to do!blah!)

so, i turn on my iTunes DJ,n answer some stupido Qs with brilliant background songs~~

my life now: dull (my beautiful women-BSB)
my work status: hectic. (incomplete-BSB)
my current financial status: dangerous! (take a chance on me-JLS)
my always obsession: weight (when u're looking like that- westlife)
my current obsession: skincare-ing (gossip girl-rainbow)
my current hobby: buying skincare products (hello-martin solveig ft dragonette)
things i wanna own now: various skincare products =) (사랑은 아야야 2NE1)
my latest concern: ma abs! (i'll be back-2PM)
my worries lately: ma skin condition (smile again-ryewook)

currently in hate mood for IZYAN (#np: hate you-2NE1) cuz she's showing off her yummy sushi~

ha. enaff mambling n babling n tambling. haha! now, what else? everybody scream together *SUSHi!!!!!!!!!!! i'm craving for sushi. seriously. anyone wanna ask me for some sushi? hehe~~

currently reading this book. erm...a family-based story. how a sister sacrife so much for her sick sis. interesting but bored me sometimes. haha!

my busy day? turn out to be like this
dizzy? hahaha. my head too~~ my life is 'mereng' oredi!!

my current skincare products? hehehehe. now, i'm obsessed with these things. OMG!!
there's more coming!! i'm saving more money for another~

i need more. this just the opening phase. more..more..more...

huh. everything seems to be upside-down. just like my whole life right now. messy!! now, i'm working on switching everything to cosway products. well, cosway products are affordable n high in quality. trust me~ now, i'm lookin for better hair products.i'm having serious hair fall problem. uhuh!

well, that's it for tonite. need to go to airport later. wow!it's been sometimes since i last ride a plane. haha. it's not like i'm riding one tonite. just sending my bro off~~


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