Saturday, June 23, 2012


do i seem easy? or super carefree? eisy. i dunno. one thing for sure, i'm being ridiculed right now. and i hate it so much i wanna choked them to death. brrrrrr!!!!

they know i'm an evil.i acted like a bitch. but they seem didnt care. they kept harassing my feeling. argh!!! i'm so mad! i hope there's rain come to wash away my madness n sorrowness.

is being single in 23 pathetic? u think so? NO!!! i never feel i'm pathetic. seriously. but why they keep bringing up the subject that i'm single at my age. they also single, it just they are a few months younger thatn me. i hate being the hot issue for being single at my age. what?? i'm happy, bastards n bitches. i'm good.

for me, the people who cried for someone other than their husband is more pathetic. when u are just in relationship, u couldn't tell when that relationship will end. so, how can u be proud of it n ridiculed me? damn it!! maybe u are proud cuz u hv somebody while i'm not. well, congratulation for that. but honestly, i don't need assholes. me being single is my pride!

even if i hv nothing, i still hv my pride. when they kept making fun of me for being single, its really hurting my pride. i'm not good in study. i'm no miss world. i hv weight issue. i hv inferior complex. i'm imperfect. but that doesnt give u the right to make fun of me. i'm a very pride woman, okay. dont ever played with my pride cuz maybe i'm gonna slap u for real.

its not like i feel burdened by they talks, its just that i hate that sort of talk. doesnt suit me at all. i feel like dying when they keep saying that no one's gonna marry me. thats my pride they stomped at. n i'm really hurt. i have a very sensitive heart. what is your problem even if i'm not married? do i ask you to find me a man? never!!do i ever asked u to be my man? never!! so just drop it and leave me alone.

maybe u take it as a joke. thats why i just smile when u said that.but, deep inside, my pride hurting. i told them, not to mention bout my status anymore, but it seems like the hottest issue and they kept bringing that up every single day. i feel like digging a hole n hide there till they finish talking. its not funny, guys. i swear!

because of my pride, i never tell anybody that i love them.when u ever hear i said i love u, that means u're precious enough.  when i have crush for somebody, i will just forget it. cuz my pride didn't allow me to make the first step. in my whole life, my pride is my everything. when i had nothing else, at least i have my pride to live on.

i even hate itwhen they made fun of my body. its called insulting. i know my body isnt in the best shape, but i think i got better body than u guys. so what make u think u can ridiculed my body? yes. i have weight issue. i'm 45kg and i have to work hard to maintain my weight.but my BMI is normal. i didnt obese. i have excessive fat but i'm working harder to burn them all. hahaha. even i know its impossible ;)

i'm with u guys now just because i know u didnt meant any harm when u hurt my pride. u were joking n u thought it ws fun. i understand that. BUT everything has its limit. so, i beg u to stop making fun of my status n body before i lose my temper. as u al know, i have very bad temper. i'm an airhead. so, be careful. when i said i hate it, i really meant it.

*big congratulation to germany for the glorious win 4-2 over Greece. and to my man, philipp lahm, congratulation for the opening goal. as expected, u're the man!!i wanna watch casillas this morning.

morning sunday ;)

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