Tuesday, September 18, 2012

hishashiburi minna ;)

wuaaaaaaaaaa.....hisashiburi!! lama gilak nda update blog. sebab busy <
apapun, minggu ne mggu terakhir sda mengajar d sk kunak jaya. fuh...hampir lega sda ne even ada 4 hari persekolahan lagi. huh!! ble start packing brg sda ne..

but, honestly, mmg nemau blk ip. sya nemau ngajar lg tp nemau blk ip. brrrrrr...jumpa lg lecturer2 yg bikin paning, jumpa lg mr esaimen yg memeningkan...jumpa lg mr ISL yg menjengkelkan. huh!!! ibarat pulang ke neraka dunia la tew...

even sni cgu2 dia best n sporting tahap ble bikin geng, tp murid dia,,,,Subhanallah!! byk pahala aku hari2 kena berzikir klu nampak muka durg.klu nda zikir, kompom sakit jiwa. dia punya guru atas2 lg la best. ckp nda lapik. mcm nda tau apa itu kesopanan dan kesusilaan.hurgh!!main suka durg jak beckp.huisy!! itulaitu hari2 kena kutuk oleh cgu2. padan muka! blueekkkkkk.... *jelir lidah pnjg2*

okay.persiapan utk pindah blk ke ip? well,,,sorry kids.cgu tgh pokai so tda farewell gift. just remember everything that i've tought u all~ apapun,,,murid feveret kali ne muhd. iman saidi ;) yoew!!!

ups...byk lg mau bebel tp battery lptop sda merah sda. warning leteww...chow dlu. skrg pun tgh dlm blk guru, patut update rph n journal. tp tetiba mood mau merapu timbul. hehehehehe ;)

anyway, enaff for now. will continue later. tata!!
*jumaat lalu mc, p spital *winking*

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