Tuesday, August 18, 2015

older now

just celebrated my 26th birthday. who knows i can stay alive until today? thank you Allah. i am older no. and i do hope i am wiser too.

its been so long since i last post something. i do write journal. but sometimes i forget to update the journal of mine. i've been busy. i've been teaching for almost 2 years already. thank you Allah.

i still stay at home sometimes going back and forth from school to home. but sometimes i stay at my 2nd home near the school. its tiring, going back and forth i mean. but i kinda like it.

i am still single. and on the verge of entering the spinster zone. gosh. i don't even care about that anymore. i think i don't really like the idea of marriage. why don't i get married? well, why should i? i don't have any good reason to. but i am happy. i am good. i get almost everything that i want. a career, my mom and dad, a car, a home. thank you Allah. what else should i wish for? i am good now.

a friend of mine just got married last week. he used to teach here but he move early this year. we are not that close, but our colleague believe we were an item. so that what made us so close at that time. so, when he got married, everyone was expecting some tear-streaking drama from me. i just laugh it off. come on. we were never an item to begin with. i just jealous that he got married first. that's all.

dear q, whatever it is, i hope you will be happy till jannah with your beloved wife. i sincerely wish for your happiness.

i am thinking hard either i should ask for transfer or stay here. i really want to go to teach in rural areas. but i think my body and mind cant stand the challenge. i am afraid i'll give up halfway. may Allah shows me whats best for me.

Allah always give us what we need, not what we want. Allah is the greatest planner of all.

good night. sweet dream. if u miss me, don't hesitate. call me *wink*


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