Tuesday, August 18, 2015

older now

just celebrated my 26th birthday. who knows i can stay alive until today? thank you Allah. i am older no. and i do hope i am wiser too.

its been so long since i last post something. i do write journal. but sometimes i forget to update the journal of mine. i've been busy. i've been teaching for almost 2 years already. thank you Allah.

i still stay at home sometimes going back and forth from school to home. but sometimes i stay at my 2nd home near the school. its tiring, going back and forth i mean. but i kinda like it.

i am still single. and on the verge of entering the spinster zone. gosh. i don't even care about that anymore. i think i don't really like the idea of marriage. why don't i get married? well, why should i? i don't have any good reason to. but i am happy. i am good. i get almost everything that i want. a career, my mom and dad, a car, a home. thank you Allah. what else should i wish for? i am good now.

a friend of mine just got married last week. he used to teach here but he move early this year. we are not that close, but our colleague believe we were an item. so that what made us so close at that time. so, when he got married, everyone was expecting some tear-streaking drama from me. i just laugh it off. come on. we were never an item to begin with. i just jealous that he got married first. that's all.

dear q, whatever it is, i hope you will be happy till jannah with your beloved wife. i sincerely wish for your happiness.

i am thinking hard either i should ask for transfer or stay here. i really want to go to teach in rural areas. but i think my body and mind cant stand the challenge. i am afraid i'll give up halfway. may Allah shows me whats best for me.

Allah always give us what we need, not what we want. Allah is the greatest planner of all.

good night. sweet dream. if u miss me, don't hesitate. call me *wink*


Friday, July 12, 2013

24 tahun.

aku tenang di sini
setelah sekian lama masa berlalu
aku tetap tenang di sini
saban hari kulalui
ada tawa, ada airmata
24 tahun aku tenang di sini.

aku bukan sekuntum mawar,
dihias indah dan dipamer
kubukanlah sekuntum bunga
disunting tatkala mekar,
dibaja supaya merimbun

aku masih tenang di sini,
walau tanpa teman dan kamu
24 tahun aku tenang di sini.

hatiku masih milikku,
belum pernah diusik,
belum pernah dijenguk,
dijaga penuh cermat dan kasih.

aku tetap tenang di sini
tanpa perhatian, cuma hatiku sendiri
24 tahun aku tenang di sini.

ren. july,11 2013.11:05

Friday, February 15, 2013

les miserable

current feelings? miserable. fuh!! i'm tired of this routine already. going as you pleased.leaving whenever you feels like. am i the pathetic one? for not having any other friends than you? blah!!

ok.last week you leave me alone while my temperature's about 29 degree.ok.maybe you have some urgent matter to tend. fine. afterall, i can stay home alone.and i'm big girl already. but going back home only before 8 pm sure is something. what urgent matters need your whole day? morning to night? turns out you only hang around with your so-called friend doing dull activities. excuse me, did u realize i'm having fever and alone at home? and i'm starving too. duh!!

when i show that i'm angry, no reaction whatsoever from you.ok. no sorry.no 'are you okay?' courtesy. you just come in, do your own things and went to sleep. fine. because i'm not like you, i talk it out first. i talk it like a lady talks. so i can hear all your excuses. i'm giving you the chance to tell me your excuses. still, am i the witch here? you give me crap that no one can send you home. blahhh!! don't go out if you dunno your way home. even my little bro know that basic knowledge.

ok.forget that weeks ago matter. return to this morning matter. last night i already said i wanna make nasi lemak today. and u seems thrill. ok. i'll cook. i wake up, and straight entering the kitchen after my bath. to cook nasi lemak as promised. i cook wholeheartedly even i'm not that good in cooking.

so, when i'm setting the table and ask you to come and eat, you just walk pass the kitchen saying 'i'm going out'. ok. i ask you to eat first before going out. your answer really piss me. 'nda mau la.lewat sda ne. nanti la tu.' hello, only bitch say something like that to others, ok. since i'm he bitch here, so only i can say that to people. but how could u utter that words confidently at me who's sitting on the kitchen with my nasi lemak? if u have urgent matters to attend at that exact time, tell it properly. refuse my invitation politely. you have good manners, right? don't make the 'did-i-tell-you-to-cook-for-me' face, okay? that pisses me off.

ok.last night your friend come. no objection from me. even if i have to wear tudung in my own house. it's okay. since he's a friend. but how can you people make me feel so awkward in my own house? lying together playing some stupid games??duh!! if u wanna do such things, do it outside the house. i pay half of the rent,okay? so why do i have to be idle and feel like the third wheel in this house? i cant look at the way you and your friend act. it is so scandalous. even i act all wild and free, i'm very conservative when it comes to women-men relationship. my realigion said do not touch the non-muhrin men. don't even show my aurat to them. and it irritates me when you both act all close and laughing in my house.i don't like that and i can't see that in front of my eyes. it goes away from my principles. and drinking straight from my water bottle without using a glass? the water that i'll drink later? duh!! i'm disgusted with my self.

ok.i'm really a bitch for saying this.but what else can i do? i'm tired of being super nice and overlook everything you did that intentionally hurts me even if u said u did it unconscious. not even a sorry word. well, if i hurt you and i know i did, i did say sorry, didn't i? i said sorry to you everytime i think that u're hurt cuz of my words. even i only say honest things and the truth, when i realize that hurts you, i did apologize.

hello, i'm suppose to be the bitch and the witch.but why i can apologize to you but you can''t? you think it is pointless to apologize to a bitch?do you think it's worthless? gosh!! i'm so mad. i dunno how to react when you come back home later.and i hope u really do have super urgent matters to attend for leaving me in front of my served table.

ok.i'll continue watching movie. just so you know, i already blacklisted this friend of yours.i don't really like him to begin with. and i'm sure he didn't like me too. he just bearing with me since i'm a friend of you. so, we're even, doncha think so? hate me all you want for writing this post.but this is my honest thought. since you hate hearing my honest words and you hate saying the truth.

p/s: whatever will be, will be~~

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

hishashiburi minna ;)

wuaaaaaaaaaa.....hisashiburi!! lama gilak nda update blog. sebab busy <
apapun, minggu ne mggu terakhir sda mengajar d sk kunak jaya. fuh...hampir lega sda ne even ada 4 hari persekolahan lagi. huh!! ble start packing brg sda ne..

but, honestly, mmg nemau blk ip. sya nemau ngajar lg tp nemau blk ip. brrrrrr...jumpa lg lecturer2 yg bikin paning, jumpa lg mr esaimen yg memeningkan...jumpa lg mr ISL yg menjengkelkan. huh!!! ibarat pulang ke neraka dunia la tew...

even sni cgu2 dia best n sporting tahap ble bikin geng, tp murid dia,,,,Subhanallah!! byk pahala aku hari2 kena berzikir klu nampak muka durg.klu nda zikir, kompom sakit jiwa. dia punya guru atas2 lg la best. ckp nda lapik. mcm nda tau apa itu kesopanan dan kesusilaan.hurgh!!main suka durg jak beckp.huisy!! itulaitu hari2 kena kutuk oleh cgu2. padan muka! blueekkkkkk.... *jelir lidah pnjg2*

okay.persiapan utk pindah blk ke ip? well,,,sorry kids.cgu tgh pokai so tda farewell gift. just remember everything that i've tought u all~ apapun,,,murid feveret kali ne muhd. iman saidi ;) yoew!!!

ups...byk lg mau bebel tp battery lptop sda merah sda. warning leteww...chow dlu. skrg pun tgh dlm blk guru, patut update rph n journal. tp tetiba mood mau merapu timbul. hehehehehe ;)

anyway, enaff for now. will continue later. tata!!
*jumaat lalu mc, p spital *winking*

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

update sedunia

musim2 euro ne, mmg la kena curi masa p tgk bola. tgk bola sorg2 kan best! tp skrg sda ada teman. agak bising la jugak. tp, mcm mna pun, kena jugak tgk bola bersma. makumlah...bilik tv public. yay!!

ok.pg td tgk game spain vs portugal. 120 mins main akhirnya spain mng penalti. mmg klu spain, penalti mesti luck!world cup rituh pun mng sbab penalty. eisy! nasib la tew~~

ehem!!lps tu apa lg mau update ah?
mood: foul!
status: menyampah gilak!
p/s: ble ka klu aku ckp kau buat layan jak.nda payah la balas...gerigitan tau!

ne nda, tiap kali aku ckp apa2 mesti mau balas. baru bgs tu jwpn ilmiah, ne nda. jawapan bangang jugak. napa aku nda bengang! dah tu, best lg buat muka stone n buat nda layan!

well, morning people! mood hari ne foul bkn sebab game td pg ah. aku bkn sapoter spain or portugal. aku loyal supporter lahm n his team ;) #even aku suka jugaklah silva n casillas tew~

ok.lec's here. study luck~ until then.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


do i seem easy? or super carefree? eisy. i dunno. one thing for sure, i'm being ridiculed right now. and i hate it so much i wanna choked them to death. brrrrrr!!!!

they know i'm an evil.i acted like a bitch. but they seem didnt care. they kept harassing my feeling. argh!!! i'm so mad! i hope there's rain come to wash away my madness n sorrowness.

is being single in 23 pathetic? u think so? NO!!! i never feel i'm pathetic. seriously. but why they keep bringing up the subject that i'm single at my age. they also single, it just they are a few months younger thatn me. i hate being the hot issue for being single at my age. what?? i'm happy, bastards n bitches. i'm good.

for me, the people who cried for someone other than their husband is more pathetic. when u are just in relationship, u couldn't tell when that relationship will end. so, how can u be proud of it n ridiculed me? damn it!! maybe u are proud cuz u hv somebody while i'm not. well, congratulation for that. but honestly, i don't need assholes. me being single is my pride!

even if i hv nothing, i still hv my pride. when they kept making fun of me for being single, its really hurting my pride. i'm not good in study. i'm no miss world. i hv weight issue. i hv inferior complex. i'm imperfect. but that doesnt give u the right to make fun of me. i'm a very pride woman, okay. dont ever played with my pride cuz maybe i'm gonna slap u for real.

its not like i feel burdened by they talks, its just that i hate that sort of talk. doesnt suit me at all. i feel like dying when they keep saying that no one's gonna marry me. thats my pride they stomped at. n i'm really hurt. i have a very sensitive heart. what is your problem even if i'm not married? do i ask you to find me a man? never!!do i ever asked u to be my man? never!! so just drop it and leave me alone.

maybe u take it as a joke. thats why i just smile when u said that.but, deep inside, my pride hurting. i told them, not to mention bout my status anymore, but it seems like the hottest issue and they kept bringing that up every single day. i feel like digging a hole n hide there till they finish talking. its not funny, guys. i swear!

because of my pride, i never tell anybody that i love them.when u ever hear i said i love u, that means u're precious enough.  when i have crush for somebody, i will just forget it. cuz my pride didn't allow me to make the first step. in my whole life, my pride is my everything. when i had nothing else, at least i have my pride to live on.

i even hate itwhen they made fun of my body. its called insulting. i know my body isnt in the best shape, but i think i got better body than u guys. so what make u think u can ridiculed my body? yes. i have weight issue. i'm 45kg and i have to work hard to maintain my weight.but my BMI is normal. i didnt obese. i have excessive fat but i'm working harder to burn them all. hahaha. even i know its impossible ;)

i'm with u guys now just because i know u didnt meant any harm when u hurt my pride. u were joking n u thought it ws fun. i understand that. BUT everything has its limit. so, i beg u to stop making fun of my status n body before i lose my temper. as u al know, i have very bad temper. i'm an airhead. so, be careful. when i said i hate it, i really meant it.

*big congratulation to germany for the glorious win 4-2 over Greece. and to my man, philipp lahm, congratulation for the opening goal. as expected, u're the man!!i wanna watch casillas this morning.

morning sunday ;)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

great vacay ;)

kalau ada urang tanya, kau sda p mabul? boleh sda tunjuk muka temberang n said 'sudah. sda tdr, pusing2 tu pulau n sda snokel lg'. l0l~~ trus klu dia tya lagi, sipadan sda? na...kumpau2 la senyum2 tayang gigi dlu. sudah bha. kau ne~~

hahahaha. opening yg super mengada. huahuahuahua~~ point nya mau kestaw satu dunia yg aku sda pijak tu sipadan. n sda tgk under waternya yg superb. sumpah best! cuma yg nda bestnya, tym pegi ne ombak kuat. first snokel tu mmg pagi2 la. nda sempat brekpes dlu, trus p snokel. so plus2 ngan ombak yg superb jugak, mmg pening. 

ok. klu bebel pnjg2 pun nda best kan. tujuan utama entri ne semata2 mau tayang gmbr. well, here's some beautiful pics from mabul n sipadan. i'm enjyoing my time ;)

credit to: uncle chang's sipadan mabul dive lodge n sing sing for d vacation. oso kuruk *heart*
p/s: great vacay. banyak kenal guide yg best n baik hati.klu ada can, kompom mau pg lagi ;)

nite world.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

bitch is going crazy!!

practically, skrg ne tgh busy exam. sibuk la sgt. dengan apa? study la!! l0l~ walhal, aku kadang2 ragu2 jugak, biar benar aku busy study? kalau busy baca komik o busy tgk drama tu normal la. tapi busy STUDY? l0l~ mcm tidak ada kesesuaian. ren-study. erm...nda sesuai!! ;)

apapun, aku ne tetap manusia jugak. pelajar pun ya la jugak. so, walau mcm mna dewa tahap malas aku tapi aku tetap kena study. the least i can do now is passing my exam. even with not so flying colors, u know? (yunho, i love u!!)

sekarang ne patut study utk subjek next week. sebab sem ne kena duduk 5 papers, tu yang jadi hampir gila sda ne. time management. aiseh!! study, study jugak. rehat, pun kena jugak. relaxing lagilah harus. kalau sda penat menghafal tu, mau jugak relax2 smbil tgk movie. yaisy!! hehehehe

preferred movie genre: ROMANTIC of course. cuz i'm very romantic.l0l~ (ren-romantic??? erm....can't do) hahaha. but truthfully, i love romantic movie. well, aku tgk jugak la crita2 adventure, thrill2 semua (ble katakan i watch all type of movies) but i prefer romantic. *lemas!!! :p

well, as a person, i trully-deeply-madly hating rules. aku ada sindrom kau-punya-rules-buat-apa-paksa-aku-ikut!! aku tidak suka mengikut peraturan2 yg manusia buat ne. setakat kena bagi surat amaran kalau nda pegi majlis penutupan bla..bla..bla.. d dewan, ada aku kesah. well, setiap sem pun aku akan dpt surat amaran. paling kurang pun sebijik. normallah tu. ren-rules mmg nda ble letak sama2.

but i have this i-will-obidiently-follow-my-own-rules way of life. i hate when others control my life but it's okay if i'm controlling my life. afterall, it's my life, no? since aku ne hidup dalam dunia tanpa peraturan, so aku buatlah peraturan2 yg ble bantu aku hidup dgn baik. hidup bebas sgt bukan elok pun.

contoh? i hate studying. but, when it's exam week, i'll make my own jadual belajar n i'll force maself to follow that schedule. like, really forcing maself!!n i follow almost 80% of the schedule. so, that's why, right now i shud be studying! cuz my schedule said so~

baru2 ne, aku discover satu lagi cara hidup baru yang perlu aku amalkan sentiasa. well, aku mmg ada sindrom aku-rasa-aku-gemuk. haha!! *sindrom ka? bukan betul2 gemuk ka? l0l~ sebab ne la aku slalu berusaha utk kurangkan berat badan. aku buat macam2 rules utk kurangkan berat. termasuklah program ren sehat, ren hebat. l0l~

minum air.atleast 1.48L everyday. n kurangkan makan!! dgn minum air ble kurangkan mkn. itu kata health trainer tu la. betul la jugak. kdg kita haus tapi impuls yg smpai ke otak ckp lapar. so, tu yg slalu sgt rasa lapar klu kurang minum air. so, klu rasa lapar, minumlah air byk2. klu masih lapar jugak, nah...mmg lapar la tu.bkn haus lg~

no fast food. entah la, tapi sejak buat rules ne, mmg aku ada peyakit i-hate-fastfood!! usually, fast food is my last option. yala, klu sda kebulur, n hanya fast food jak yg availavle, mau buat mcm mna kan? *kadang2 klu ada godaan, mkn jugak la.tp at least semggu sekali shj. klu nda mkn terus lg bagus kan. *well, semlm bru jak mkn fries mcD. brrrrrrr!!

jogs.in the morning. i like the quiet morning. joging pun rasa tenang jak.sejuk2 lagi. solo2 lagi. best la klu trn jog pagi2. *pernah terkejut time jog pasal ada orang sadenli lalu sebelah aku! out of nowhere n super fast.l0l~ rupanya lecturer pj tu cycling. masa tu mmg terkejut gilak la. sda la awal pagi yg masih gelap, sunyi n aku nda sedar pun ada org d blkg aku.haha.

no drama. well, biasanya, aku kuatkuasakan rules ne masa2 busy buat esaimen n tgh2 exam week. biasalah aku. klu sda tgk drama, mmg tdanya ingat dunia sda. exam ka, apa ka...mmg tolak tepi la sda tu. so, kena la pasang rules ne. so, sejak dr study week minggu lalu n hingga mggu ne, mmg tda tgk drama pun. nda berani!!

l0l~byknya aku merapu.skrg ne aku tgh gila online shop. kenapa? aku pun nda paham. mungkin sebab aku nda nmpak duit aku melayang kalik, tu yg aku nda kish blnja on9 ne. setakat ne sda 200 lebih habis utk on9 shop jak. beh!!! barulah~~

ok.kena kembali kpd buku PJM3112. harus kembali!! my rules kan...i shud follow la~ erm... SELAMAT HARI GURU (belated) buat semua guru2 Malaysia. Jasa kamu semua akan dikenang~

update: sda habis baca buku Finding Mr Flood. well, a little boring. so, bacalah Christmas at Tiffany's. my currently no 1 in ma fav book list. romantic...n lively! (buku pun i prefer romantik genre, okay)

then.ja na!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


helo.it's sunday. and it's boring. haha! no more movies to watch, no more things to do (like u don't have assignment to do!blah!)

so, i turn on my iTunes DJ,n answer some stupido Qs with brilliant background songs~~

my life now: dull (my beautiful women-BSB)
my work status: hectic. (incomplete-BSB)
my current financial status: dangerous! (take a chance on me-JLS)
my always obsession: weight (when u're looking like that- westlife)
my current obsession: skincare-ing (gossip girl-rainbow)
my current hobby: buying skincare products (hello-martin solveig ft dragonette)
things i wanna own now: various skincare products =) (사랑은 아야야 2NE1)
my latest concern: ma abs! (i'll be back-2PM)
my worries lately: ma skin condition (smile again-ryewook)

currently in hate mood for IZYAN (#np: hate you-2NE1) cuz she's showing off her yummy sushi~

ha. enaff mambling n babling n tambling. haha! now, what else? everybody scream together *SUSHi!!!!!!!!!!! i'm craving for sushi. seriously. anyone wanna ask me for some sushi? hehe~~

currently reading this book. erm...a family-based story. how a sister sacrife so much for her sick sis. interesting but bored me sometimes. haha!

my busy day? turn out to be like this
dizzy? hahaha. my head too~~ my life is 'mereng' oredi!!

my current skincare products? hehehehe. now, i'm obsessed with these things. OMG!!
there's more coming!! i'm saving more money for another~

i need more. this just the opening phase. more..more..more...

huh. everything seems to be upside-down. just like my whole life right now. messy!! now, i'm working on switching everything to cosway products. well, cosway products are affordable n high in quality. trust me~ now, i'm lookin for better hair products.i'm having serious hair fall problem. uhuh!

well, that's it for tonite. need to go to airport later. wow!it's been sometimes since i last ride a plane. haha. it's not like i'm riding one tonite. just sending my bro off~~


Friday, April 20, 2012

am here

oke. i n0e it's practically....scratch that. i n0e it's already saturday morning. so hello saturday!! i'll have my worst weekend. blah!!

adakah logik buat amali hari ahad? well, ayam bapak aku pun cuti owh hari ahad. wutthuffffkk?? l0l. cursing will not make the amali cancel, right? but, APA!! aku-peduli-apa!! hahahaha. my manner? a lady-like manner? yark! i dun have any. simply said, maybe i'm not a lady.

oke. this maybe my first post after my prektikum officially end....wait!!! did i mention that our prektikum end like a week oredi? yeahooo to me! i enjoy teaching but something in that school make me wanna disappear fasta! not the kids. they're adorable. naughty but adorable. yark!!!

did i just say that?? did i just say that kids are adorable?? *throwing-up* SCRATCH ALL THAT. well, the kids do annoyed me, but not as much as the adult. hehehe. since the kids like me, i like them in return. fair-n-square. win-win. haha!!

i think it's been months since i last watch movie. excuse the supernatural n vamp diaries. i didn't really have pleasure in doing that in the hectic of workload n headache. so, now's my big time, brah!! i finish watching 2 shah rukh khan movies two days in a row. n there'll be another shah rukh khan day tomorroe. owh...now we talking adorable n hawt!! weird? nah...just my taste~

anyway, anyhewwww... there's still workload. ISLs, fk-ing FILEs, damn ASSaimen...bla..bla..bla...but i no care! live life to the fullest, girl. this lady no tramp! way to go. nite world. nite shah rukh~ please hop-in in ma dreams! haha!!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

the week passed~

oke. monday bukanlah hari yg digemari but still...monday is important. monday menandakan new week start! another monday means our practicum berkurang seminggu sda. yezza!!

start jumaat lalu aku lepak rumah azz n john. they live together wif our seniors, ema n chumang. so, spend two nights n 2 days lepaking n generating fat there. di sna, feeling home tu mmg byk la. masak mcm d rumah, mkn mcm d rumah, furniture dlm rumah semua ada n best la. *oke, rasa sna best sbab rumah guru ne sgt sadis!

pg td dpt news. big news la jugak. thn dpn aku bakal dpt anak buah. *ntah mau hepi ka sedih. huhuhuhu~ lajunya hidup ne berlalu. hepi la jugak for my sis but sedih jugak la. klu dpt anak buah sda tu, rasanya mcm umur aku bertambah berkali2 ganda la pulak. l0l.

ok. td bz buat lesson plan. tu la...weekend asyik mkn jak. bbm pun nda buat lg. l0l. seb baik kelas hari selasa. jd ble la relax2 mlm ne, esok bru smbg buat lesson plan n bbm~

so, mata pun sda nantok. monday pun sda sampai. perlu tdr spy esok nda bgn lewat. hehehe
*tahniah scha n awal. sweet gilak propose live dlm tv~~

nite peeps.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

life simply SIMPLE

believe it or not? hidup mmg simple. kan...nda payah rumitkan pala otak pikirkan benda2 yg tak terjangkau ne. let just relax!

oke.ne hari ke-3 sda. mmg budaya skola sni oke. oke tu oke. murid2 pun mcm oke. tp masalah besar skrg ne, cgu2 senior. segelintir nya tambirang mengada. menyampah la jugak. l0l. setakat senior 2-3 tahun mengajar, apa yg kau mau bangga?? ntah2 t aku posting, dg aku lg tggi dr dg kau.

over sgt la durg. show off seniority durg. buat kami mcm dungu2 sejak. l0l. nda apa. tepaksa tahan hati bg senyum jak~apa2 la macik...eh! apa2 la cgu, janji kau bahagia. bkn kau jugak observe aku nanti. sibuk jak kau hal aku.

ada yg siap nda ble didekati pun mejanya.mmg ngeri n menakutkan lah jugak. aku pun terus seram. ble2 disuruh aku pindah.bkn aku duduk di meja dia pun, aku duduk dkt meja dia, dia suruh jugak aku pindah. oke. kau senior sini. hanya mampu ckp sori jak la. dlm hati,,tahan jak rasa pelik n geram tu.

hari ne dpt jadual sda.kena ajar 4 kelas, 8 masa. oke. menyusahkan ya bila kena ajar 30mins-30mins jak. mcm mna la mau adjust rph ne. uhuhuuu. td sda masuk 2 kelas. well,,,way to go cgu.

apapun,,,kita jumpa sebulan ne jak. nda akannya kta jumpa lg.hopefully nda posting sini la kan. sda la rumah guru pun kena byr sewa 250. rumah guru kena sewa eh? pelik tp benar. bayaran sewa ikut kelulusan lg. klu ijazah 250, klu dip 180. oke,,, FYI kami ne belum ada ijazah lg oke. dip pun mna ada. yg korg charge kami byr sewa ikut gaji org ijazah tu knp? l0l.l0l.l0l.

oke. simply like that. hdp 3 hari yg awal ne. harap everything jd more simple the next 27 days. can't wait to move back. aku rasa tggi aku makin kurang sebab kena angkat air hari2. l0l.l0l.l0l.

hari ne jugak pes time masak. syg sayur mayur yg mama ku kasi dr rumah. buruk sda gara2 nda d masak. menu sehat hari ini.see, simple tp menyelerakan~ yummy. *tetiba rasa lapar dtg blk.cis!

even simple, tp kenyang. see, semua perlu simple jak. hdp mmg simple, ok. chill.
kpd juniors yg ambil kptsn SPM hari ne, congrates for the excellent result. 16 org stret As owh.. sorg stret A+s. way to go, juniors~~

ok.esok ada kelas lg. hopefully nda la terserempak dgn mcik2 mulut byk. hehehe.nite people.


Monday, March 19, 2012

dugaan di balik nikmat~

l0l. bru jak rituh hepi sbab dpt rumah guru yg nda payah smbg air n api. malangnya, tda pulak air. l0l. mengalahkan masalah air smsld. huhuhu. sandi la angkat air hari2. ne ble buat tgn aku bermuscle kalah jong kook ne. l0l.

well,,,ekceli ne first day prektikum. dtg skola, kenalkan diri, lapor diri n membosankan diri d library. siap tdr2 lg. l0l.cgu.laalalalaaaaaaa~~

memandangkan dlm seminggu ada 4 jam jak masa, jd rasanya ble relax la ne. tp,, dunot foget lambakan esaimen yg lecs terchenta bg sbg bekalan dunia akhirat.okey. mcm nantok sda. mcm perlu tdr sda.cecehhh....

skola start 6.50 jd kena gerak before tu la. hope everything going just fine for the next 29 days. insyaALLAH.

then, nite nite.

Monday, March 12, 2012

hikmah dibalik dugaan

Tuham memang menjanjikan hambanya pada setiap dugaan itu, pasti ada hikmah manis disebaliknya. tidak sia-sia aku stress beberapa hari ne. hari ne, mcm 98% stress hilang. lenyap. dibawa angin. melayang-layang....

apa yang terjadi?? oke. last time i talked about how the quaters didn't provide us with any electricity and water. so, today i go to the school (again). this time, i am so-super-very lucky. the headmaster was there. she immediately give me the house,with electric n water. God knows how i felt at that time. thanx to my unstoppable effort.l0l.

well, since i n eva decided to stay in the house, two others wanna join. lol. it's not like they're not welcome but i hope they understand my way of life. i am a very complicated person.l0l.n i wanna be the one controlling. *hahaha. penyakit diktator aku sda jd kronik. tp yala..sda aku yg susah payah urus rumah tu smpai plan p vacation kena cancel n terpaksa blk ld lmbt lagi.adedeh~~

so, dibalik stress2 aku dua tiga hari ne, akhirnya Tuhan tunjukkan rahmat-Nya. syukur Alhamdulillah. sgt hepi. yes~ esok ble sda blk ld. yatta~~
satu lg benda best, aku sda 80% siap esaimen edu.yeah~way to go, ren. lps ne kena buat nota utk bmm pulak.hehehehe~~

well, skrg ne tgh layan album baru big bang. ntah la, tapi aku lg suka album durg yg before this. cuma lagu BLUE mmg catchy n i like it~~

*napa aku sgt tertinggal tgk running men ne? l0l. ini nda ble jd ne. kena tgk cpt2 sampai epsd 84. *l0l.epsd 35 pun nda abis lg.hahahaha

mood tgh suka.aku rasa klu hari ne urg minta duit aku pun, aku ble bg dgn senyuman~ l0l!
*penat sikit urus rumah td. so, bed-time. nighty nite.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

bitch is STRESS!!

ooo....holy shit!! damn!! argh....pressure~ tensen. owh...STRESS!!!

knp aku stress gilak?? aku pun dan paham. l0l. esaimen melambak. oke, itu ble sebabkan stress tp nda la smpai aku kena duduk twu jak kan even cuti skola sda start.

oke.oke. stress lg apabila plan holidae utk p berseronok di pulau terpaksa di kengsel last minute.l0l. STRESS!! sgt sedih ya bila terpaksa cancel last minit. tau nda i've been waiting for that vacation since forever?? l0l. tda rezeki kalik mau pegi kali ini. harap2 next plan holidae dpt pegi la. adede.... feel very sori tu kuruki...argh!!

lps tu kena pulak p opis sesb n jabatan bekalan air. oke,,,ne aku mmg sumpah nda pnh buat. ok...belajar!! tapi tetap rasa stress!! adakah aku kena p smbg letrik n air sndri. *yala...dah kau yg nak tggl. kau la urus~

pokoknya, akar umbi masalah ne adalah prektikum. wokey...prektikum. pes of all, dpt skola di hujung dunia. mula2 dlu minta tkr skola yg lbh dekat. en tu bilang ada rumah guru jugak tu di bagi. ya, encik. mmg durg bg kami rumah-rumah tinggal!!tda elektrik, tda air. so, how?? bgs matik owh klu hdp tanpa elektrik n air selama sebulan. stress!!!

kenak2 lg area yg super duper jauh nun di hujung tawau.l0l! mna mau sewa rumah?? area yg plg dekat pun kena drive dlm 30 min la jugak.l0l~sepa mau gerak p skola pukul 6?? aku sda la bgn pagi jam 6.30. ahahahahahaaa~~

sacrifice.oke.klu sewa rumah, kena sewa keta skali. duit sda triple kena keluar. prob lg, tda la pulak mr driver. aku mna tau drive.l0l.sda la fulus pun makin negatif.mmg tda harapan la utk aku menyewa ne.

aku rasa aku sda tekad la mau tggl sna rumah tu. biarlah aku nda blk ld urus karan n air rumah ne. asal aku ble selesa berprektikum. adeiiiii...awal2 sda d bg ujian mcm ne. nda tau la ujian apa lg yg bakal tiba klu tym prektikum nnt. yg ne pun aku sda rasa annoyed sgt.

sgt annoying bila urg tya byk sgt. suka hati kamulah. aku tggl sna sndri pun, ada aku kesah. bkn aku nda besa angkat air. aku kan veteren sda bab2 angkat air ne.l0l.

*mubie sunny best! sadis. that's how fren should be. always together.be in sad or happy time. true fren. kawan aku mmg nda byk. knp? becoz i dun wanna happy frens only. i want both hepi n sad-time frens. itula pasal kwn aku nda byk, tp durg mmg true frens. l0l!

tu la..jgn heran la klu frens aku dlm fesbuk nda smpai 100 org.mcm kamu, ribu2 lg. follower twitter pun smpai puluh2 ribu lg. l0l.

enaff bitching. ptg sda. mmg rasa pelik duduk asrama tym cuti ne. maklumlah,,,pes time. tp mcm best jugak. sunyi n tenang. satu masalah jak, makan time. nda tau mau mkn d mna. l0l~

oke.oke. until then, bitches.